You’re probably here because you need help with video, photography, a website or social media. Either case, here’s the good news. I’ve been working in these fields for some time and I’m sure I can help you or at least point you in the right direction.

I’ve played the lead role in the Norwegian feature film “The Veil of Twilight”, been both in front and behind the camera on many short films, worked with the PR for them, have written, directed, produced, edited and hosted over 200 YouTube videos, created commercials for social media and built websites for different companies and a lot more.

This website is meant to offer info about me, what I can do and get you excited to further develop your project. Just drop me a line with any questions and/or tell me a little about your project. I’ll answer you within a business day! Let me know what you need.

YOGA! Or if your here regarding yoga, check out my yoga page in the menu bar 🧘‍♂️